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Viking Hunting Knife

Adventure is calling you: Dive into our collection of Viking hunting knives and get ready to push the limits !

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All Viking hunters know that a hunting knife can quickly become their best ally when out in nature. Not only will you need a knife worthy of the name to do what you came for in the first place – hunting, but you may also need one of these knives in various and multiple situations: cutting a tree branch, handling camping chores, performing emergency repairs, and more.

Different Types and Styles of Hunting Knives :

Bowie Hunting Knife :

Designed by James Bowie in 1830, the Bowie knife is characterized by a fixed blade that is 15 to 30 cm long with a bone handle. The curved tip of this type of hunting knife is ideal for skinning, while the straight, single-edged portion is well-suited for meat cutting.

Folding Viking Hunting Knife :

The folding Viking hunting knife is a modern replica of knives used by the Vikings in medieval times. It is designed for use during hunting, camping, and outdoor survival activities. These knives combine traditional Viking elements with modern manufacturing techniques and durable materials.

Boar Hunting Knife :

A boar hunting knife is a tool specially designed for wild boar hunting. It is used to kill the animal, skin it, and prepare it for consumption. These knives are made with sturdy and sharp blades, often curved, to effectively pierce the thick skin of the boar. The handle is designed to provide a strong and non-slip grip, making it easy to handle the knife during hunting and carcass processing. The blade can be made of stainless steel or high-quality carbon steel to ensure optimal strength and durability.

Drop Point Hunting Knife :

Another very popular fixed-blade hunting knife among hunters, very sturdy and easy to control. It is a large knife suitable for situations where a large blade is needed but without the risk of piercing internal organs.

Evisceration Hunting Knife :

A gut hook knife is essential for evisceration; it has a fixed blade with a curved, pointed extension on the top. This type of knife is used to puncture and incise an animal’s skin over the intestines without piercing the intestines themselves. It is also well-suited for cleaning fish.

Choosing the Right Blade Size for Hunting :

The biggest knife is not necessarily the best. In fact, the most commonly sold hunting knife models rarely exceed 10 to 12 cm. Why? Simply because smaller knives allow for more precision, reducing the risk of cutting or puncturing something unintentionally.

Furthermore, shorter knives are easier to carry, making them more suitable for hunting. Large knives are suited for specific situations (evisceration, skinning, fish cleaning, etc.). Pay attention to the quality of the blade and the type of handle offered; a short blade can be sufficient for a wide range of situations, even when dealing with large game.

Knife Blade Type :

You have two choices for your hunting knife blade: fixed or folding. There are advantages to both types, and you can carry both types on your belt. Fixed-blade hunting knives are what most people consider when choosing a hunting knife. Fixed-blade knives are generally much more durable than folding knives and are usually longer.

If you are an experienced hunter, a good fixed-blade knife will be the best choice because it is designed for skinning and is easy to clean. It is also an excellent companion in survival situations.

On the other hand, a folding or pocket hunting knife is easier and safer to carry, as the blade remains concealed in the handle, preventing the risk of injury. Folding knives, or pocket knives, can fit in a pocket or backpack. Another advantage of folding knives is that they sometimes come with one or more additional tools, making them excellent for camping and other outdoor activities.

Materials Used in Crafting Our Handcrafted Viking Hunting Knives :

When choosing your ideal Viking hunting knife, pay attention to the materials used in its construction. A powerful tool can make the difference between life and death in certain circumstances, so it’s essential to buy a high-quality knife. Most knife blades are made of steel, although it can occasionally be a steel alloy due to certain properties associated with different alloys that enhance performance. Here is a list of common blade materials and the advantages of each:

Stainless Steel: A popular material for pocket knives and kitchen utensils, stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance, even though it’s not the strongest material for a blade. Carbon Steel: Carbon steel is known for its sharpness and ease of sharpening, making it an ideal material for hunting knife blades. Due to its tendency to rust, carbon steel blades must be cleaned carefully after use. Titanium: This is a softer material than steel and allows you to maintain a sharp edge. It is popular for pocket knife blades. Ceramic: Less common than other materials, ceramic blades are sometimes used for pocket knives. Known for their hard, sharp blades that will never rust, these blades are also very vulnerable to impact.

There is also special attention to be paid to the materials used for knife handles; advantages and disadvantages exist for each material.

Adventure awaits you

Embark on an unforgettable adventure today! Browse our catalog and find the Viking knife that will accompany you on your exploits.

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