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Boreal Forest Knife – Wooden Handle Paired with the Lightness of a Feather

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Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $44.99.

Couteau de la Forêt Boréale - Manche en Bois Associé à la Légèreté de la Plume
Boreal Forest Knife – Wooden Handle Paired with the Lightness of a Feather

Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $44.99.

  • 11 cm long metal blade
  • Elegant feather-shaped design
  • Tool’s edge angle set at 85°
  • Emperor wood handle
  • Includes a leather case

Here’s the information presented in a bulleted list :

  • Boreal Forest Knife for Nature Explorers
  • Combines the strength of metal with the warmth of emperor wood for an elegant tool, perfect for nature exploration.
  • Features an 11 cm metal blade, designed in the shape of a feather, blending functionality and aesthetics.
  • Tool’s edge angle set at 85°, making it versatile for outdoor activities.
  • Emperor wood handle provides a comfortable grip and a natural aesthetic.
  • Includes a leather case to protect your knife during your travels.

Product Specifications :

  • Materials: Metal, Wood
  • Packaging Dimensions: 250 x 80 x 80 mm
  • Blade Length: 11 cm
  • Category: Fixed Blade Knife
  • Design: Feather
  • Tool Edge Angle: 85°
  • Total Length: 200 mm
  • Packaging Specification: Leather Case
  • Tool Handle Length: 90 mm
  • Blade Material: 9cr15
  • Knife Handle: Emperor Wood

Packaging Contents :

  • 1 Boreal Forest Knife
  • 1 Knife Case

The Boreal Forest Knife is an essential tool for nature explorers seeking functionality, aesthetics, and lightness. Order yours today and embark on your adventures with confidence.

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