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Handcrafted Viking Knife

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Are you in search of a handcrafted Viking knife? Look no further and explore one of the finest collections of our Viking scramasaxes. Rest assured, you’ll find what you need in this collection – we’re here to serve you! Whether it’s for cooking, hunting, or camping, we always strive to offer a great selection of hand-forged decorative-based seaxes suitable for a true Viking warrior!

The Handcrafted Viking Dagger

The handcrafted Viking knife is a versatile tool that can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks, such as chopping vegetables, cutting meat, and deboning poultry and fish. It will undoubtedly be your handy assistant, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

This versatile Viking utensil is perfect for many additional tasks like slicing fruits, dicing, chopping, filleting chicken and deboning pork chops, lamb chops, and more.

The Traditional Viking Knife

The handle of the handcrafted Viking dagger (Traditional) is made of wood, with a powerful blade forged from carbon steel. This thick and robust blade outperforms most knives, particularly artisanal Nordic seaxes. Super durable and sharp, you can use this traditional Viking knife for a long time without needing to replace it, especially if it’s sharpened regularly! It provides an amazingly comfortable grip as well.

One of these knives is the handcrafted Nordic pocket knife that comes with a free carrying case or a leather sheath to protect the blade. You can attach it to a belt for easy transport during outdoor camping.

A Handcrafted Viking Kitchen Knife

The Scandinavian chef’s knife can be used as a utensil, slicing knife, pocket Viking Opinel, butcher knife, hunting knife, steak knife, and beef brisket knife for butchery, fishing, hiking, and outdoor barbecue activities.

Handcrafted Viking Scramasaxes

With steel fittings and a handle made of woven wood material, the handcrafted scramasaxes are ergonomically balanced for ease of use and a super comfortable grip with high-quality wooden handles. Hand washing and drying are recommended, and you won’t feel fatigued during extended use!

Some handcrafted Viking knives have a curved full tang handle that is easily gripped and used, and a large finger hole provides leverage and control when filleting fish, cutting vegetables, and slicing meat. The unique hammered texture on the blade adds an elegant touch and also helps prevent food from sticking.

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