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    Embarquez pour une aventure inoubliable dès aujourd’hui ! Parcourez notre catalogue et trouvez le couteau viking qui vous accompagnera dans vos exploits.

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    How to Sharpen Knives ?

    When it comes to sharpening knives, it’s important to know that there are several methods and tools available to sharpen your Viking scramasaxes: sharpening stones or an electric sharpener. It’s also possible to delegate this task to a professional in the field. The best technique for sharpening a knife depends...

    How to clean an old knife ? Tips and Advice

    If your favorite kitchen knife is made of steel, it's likely to develop rust spots over time. These unsightly rust stains can appear on the blade, leaving you wondering how to clean old knives. Don't worry if your cherished knives start to oxidize a bit because there are several ways...