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Swedish Cold Steel Hunting Knife – MORA

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Couteau suédois nordique original
Swedish Cold Steel Hunting Knife – MORA


  • High-quality steel used
  • Very sharp cold steel knife

Swedish knives are unique in their own right and have a rich history in the Great North, where their functionality and durability have been tested in cold and inhospitable environments.

Crafted by evolved cultures, these knives have evolved to become distinctive and unique styles that combine tradition and superior quality.

Dear customer, please note that the Nordic hunting knife is designed for use by adults only. We recommend closely supervising the use of this knife and ensuring it is not accessible to minors. Please also provide accurate delivery information when making a purchase or receiving your order to ensure safe delivery.

Product Features :

  • Length: 21 cm
  • Thickness: 6 mm
  • Blade Material: D2 steel
  • Product Specifications:
    • Hardness: HRC59
    • Material: 9CR18
    • Blade Material: 420 stainless steel
    • Surface: Sandy polishing + Corrosion pattern
    • Handle Material: Olive wood and steel head
    • Net Weight of the Knife: 327G
    • Packaging: Nylon Leather Sheath

Please note that there may be a slight color difference between different product batches, but rest assured that we control this difference within 5%. We would like to emphasize that when taking photos with a camera, the intensity of light can result in slight chromatic aberration. Therefore, we recommend using the actual product as a reference for color.

Swedish Knife, the Scandinavian Nordic Knife

Nordic hunting knives are renowned for their exceptional quality, as they have been designed for practical and real-world use. For thousands of years, Swedes have coexisted harmoniously with nature, inspiring the creation of some of the world’s best knives. In Sweden, the practice of cutlery is more than just a hobby; it is essential for survival.

Mora, The Swedish Knife

Mora outdoor knives are specially designed to last and withstand wear and tear through modern high-quality Swedish steels. They are extremely sharp and precisely sharpened for lasting sharpness. Their ergonomic handle allows for powerful and precise work while reducing the risk of accidents. The reliability of these knives far exceeds their price, making them a wise choice for outdoor enthusiasts and cutlery professionals.

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