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How to Store a Knife Collection ?

How to Store a Knife Collection ?

Tips for safely storing a knife collection : storage options, advantages, and disadvantages.

If you’re a knife collector like me, you know the importance of properly storing a collection of knives. My knives are invaluable to me, and for most collectors, they hold some sentimental value. So, it makes sense to store them correctly, preserving their beauty and longevity for generations to come.

How to Make a Knife Rack ?

Here’s a general method to make a knife rack in 8 steps:

  1. Measure the length of your knives to determine the length of the knife rack.
  2. Sketch your knife rack on the wooden board using a pencil and a ruler. The width of the knife rack should be about 10 cm to comfortably hold the knives.
  3. Use a wood saw to cut the wooden board following the sketch of the knife rack you traced.
  4. Use sandpaper to sand the surface of the wooden board and make the edges smoother.
  5. Use a drill to make holes in the wooden board at regular intervals to insert the knives. The holes should be large enough for the blades to easily fit.
  6. Use a smaller drill bit to make a hole at each end of the wooden board. These holes will be used to attach the board to the wall.
  7. Apply a wood varnish to the board if desired. This will help protect the surface of the board from moisture and stains.
  8. Finally, attach the wooden board to the wall using screws or hooks using the holes you drilled in step 6.

That’s it! You now have a handy knife rack to safely store your knives.

Various Options for Storing a Knife Collection :

It makes sense to store them correctly to preserve their beauty and longevity for generations to come. Keeping them sharp, oiled, dry, and out of the sun to prevent rust and keep them timeless, but how you store them can also be crucial. Tossing your knives in a drawer and letting them get damaged is not a good solution.

Storing Knives in a Bag

A knife bag is an excellent option for folding knives, especially if you like to carry your knives occasionally.

Knife pouches can be made from premium leather, vinyl, durable canvas, and polyester, with a felt interior, thick foam padding, and soft fabric for scratch-free storage. Most come with adjustable shoulder straps for easy transport and zipper or Velcro closures for secure storage.

sac a couteau

Storing Knives in a Case

Knife protection cases – like those used for firearms – are a surprisingly effective method of storing knives. Well, maybe not so surprising since they are designed to hold weapons and other equipment, but knife collection cases featuring an egg crate foam material hold knives extremely well. Plus, most of these cases lock, so you don’t have to worry about children with sticky fingers getting into them.
Malette pour couteau

Storing Knives in a Roll

A knife roll is a convenient way to store a knife collection in a rolled-up package to save space while keeping your collection out of harm’s way.

Most rolls feature a soft inner lining of felt, fabric, or soft fabric that ensures a safe environment. The exterior can be made from PVC, leather, vinyl, durable canvas, or polyester.

Rouleau pour ranger une collection de couteaux

Storing Knives in a Knife Sheath

Knife sheaths can be similar to knife rolls, except they don’t necessarily roll up – think of them more as a briefcase.

They can be very popular with chefs who often take their knives on the go.

These knife sheaths are perfect for a pocket knife, folding knives, Laguiole knives, and also for a hunting knife…

Storing Knives in a Display Case

For those who simply like to leave their collection at home and never move it, a beautiful display case for your kitchen knives may be necessary. There are tons of options when it comes to choosing a case, but you first need to determine the size of the case you will need. Do you need a lockable case to prevent your knives from falling into the hands of children? If you’re looking for a small display case, you might opt for a nice walnut wood box with a glass top for storage and visibility, but also for a touch of class and decoration for presentation purposes.
4041 n accessories pin knife IMG H 03

Storing Knives in a Box

A popular option for storing knives is inside a tool cabinet. There are a few downsides to this. First, they can be very expensive. Then they might be a bit too big, but you could use the extra space to store other tools.

You can also find excellent tool storage cabinets that are not just the typical metal variety. For example, if you have the money and really love your knives.

L’armoire à outils pour la collection de couteaux

Storing Knives in a Safe

Depending on how many knives you have, their value, and other factors, but otherwise, a safe might be a good place to store knives. The advantage of a safe is that it not only protects your items from criminals and your family but it can also save your stuff in the event of a fire.

Some safes even feature an air conditioning system that keeps your gear in near-perfect condition.

I don’t have a recommendation for you as it’s not my area.

Storing Knives in a Drawer

This is another popular method of kitchen knife storage because it’s easy and cheap. These drawers won’t do much to protect your knives or keep them hidden, but they offer a quick way to access knives (and other items) and store them.

I won’t point you to a specific place, but you can find them at most department stores or online. You can also add a few elements that will make it just a little better, including non-slip pads.
Rangement une collection de couteaux tiroir

Storing Knives on Magnetic Strips

I’d say this is less common for collections and more common with kitchen knives. A magnetic knife strip is a long rectangular piece of metal magnetized to hold knives. As I said, it’s a common method for storing kitchen knives instead of a drawer or a knife block (which can be hard to clean).

One of the issues is that the strips are usually smaller, so those with a larger collection would need quite a bit (but it’s easy to buy several and put them side by side). It also requires the knives to be open, and knives made of exotic materials like ceramic and titanium are a no-go.

However, magnetic strips have a few advantages. They can be displayed nicely and easily accessed. If you use a different knife every day, this could be more convenient.

Bandes magnétiques pour couteaux

Storing Knives in a Box

Solid wood knife box, this storage box is ideal for protecting your folding knives or kitchen knives. The blade locks onto the support on the left side of the box, allowing the knife to remain stable and perfect.

The storage box can also be used to display your most beautiful knives in a showcase.

Boite a couteau de collection

Storing Knives in a Block

A knife block is a wooden block with individual slots carved out for different types of knives. A universal knife block typically includes slots for a paring knife, steak knife, sharpening rods, bread knife, chef’s knife, meat cleaver, and kitchen scissors, a sole fillet knife, and table knives.

This countertop storage option is usually made of wood, but there are also glass knife blocks and options with rubber or plastic rods that you can use to sharpen your kitchen tools.

Bloc pour ranger couteaux cuisine

Storing Knives on a Japanese Stand

The Japanese knife stand for anyone who likes their knives well organized and in plain view. If you want your guests to admire your beautiful collection of knives, the Japanese knife stand is for you. This Japanese knife storage block is perfectly suited for storing large blades.

It fits all types of kitchen knife blades. This display can accommodate 4 or 5 knives, and you can easily place it on a piece of furniture or shelf.

Porte couteau japonais

Storing Knives in a Case

Knife case for chefs on the go. It allows you to comfortably transport your knives and kitchen utensils, safely and easily. It protects your knives while remaining lightweight to carry.

Knife cases are the perfect way to transport all the necessary knives and gadgets, conveniently and very practically.

Trousse à couteau

Advantages of Storing a Knife Collection:

  • Safety: Storing knives in secure locations reduces the risk of injuries and accidents, especially if you have children at home.
  • Durability: Proper knife storage can increase their lifespan by avoiding premature wear, scratches, and damage.
  • Organization: Well-organized storage makes it easy to find the knife you need and retrieve it quickly.
  • Aesthetics: Stylish storage for your knives can enhance the appearance of your kitchen or collection.
  • Portability: If you often transport your knife collection, proper storage can make it easier to transport and protect the knives.

Disadvantages of Storing a Knife Collection:

  • Cost: Some storage methods, such as knife blocks or cases, can be expensive depending on the quality and quantity of knives you have.
  • Space: Proper knife storage requires sufficient storage space, especially if you have a large knife collection.
  • Incompatibility with some types of knives: Some types of knives, such as folding knives, may not be compatible with certain storage methods, such as knife blocks.
  • Aesthetics: Some storage methods may not be aesthetically suitable for your home decor.

Safety and Organization Come First for Storing Your Knife Collection

In conclusion, to store a knife collection, it’s important to keep them safe and prevent any damage or accidents. Storage options include using a knife block, magnetic bar, storage case, or storage box. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the size and portability of your knife collection. Whichever option you choose, make sure to consider the size and shape of your knives, as well as the available space for storage.

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