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TOP 5 Best Viking Knives

TOP 5 Best Viking Knives

Are you trying to find the best Scandinavian knife in our Viking knife shop ?

But you’re overwhelmed by all the options, and you’re not sure which one will suit you best.

Well, welcome to this top best Viking knife. Know that our goal is to assist you throughout your time with us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments!

Below is a comprehensive guide to buying not just the best knife, but the one that will aid you in your adventure. If you don’t know where to start your search, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

The sheer number of options available to us makes it extremely frustrating to choose just one knife. Examine the features, then make an informed purchasing decision based on this ultimate guide.

1 – Ragnar’s Viking Knife

Couteau Viking Floki tranchant

Viking Knife Ragnar Lothbrok

This Ragnar Lothbrok Viking seax is entirely handcrafted and is sharp and fully functional. With a total length of 25 cm and the beauty of its forging, this Scandinavian knife from the greatest Viking leader is uniquely easy to carry. It’s also a vintage belt knife and comfortable combat knife for men.

Features of the Authentic Ragnar Viking Knife :

  • Hand-forged Carbon Steel:

This Ragnar’s pukko comes with a hand-forged carbon steel blade. Carbon steel is one of the most useful materials for knives and blades due to its durability and edge retention. Carbon steel with a high carbon content makes this Nordic king’s dagger the best Viking knife.

  • Leather Sheath:

The hand-stitched leather sheath is made to fit perfectly and used for carrying the knife for everyday tasks of any occasion easily and comfortably. You can use this unique Ragnar Viking dagger for camping.

  • Fantastic Gift:

This unique, hand-forged Viking knife is a perfect gift for those who love Nordic knives and blades, antique knives, collectible knives, Viking gifts, Scottish gifts, vintage collections. The durability makes this Lothbrok knife functional and a must-have in your knife collection.

2 – Best Viking Combat Knife

Couteau Viking De Combat

Features of an Excellent Viking Combat Knife:

  • Hand-Forged Damascus Real Knives:

If you love the craftsmanship of this Viking knife, you’ll adore it. It has a genuine Damascus steel blade measuring long, and the entire knife from tip to handle measures 28 cm. Use it in the field or proudly display it.

  • Viking and Sturdy Knife:

Because we’ve used traditional hand-forging techniques, this Viking blade looks like an authentic hand-forged weapon from the early Middle Ages with a modern design.

  • Viking Knife as a Gift for Men:

People with Viking blood or an interest in medieval weapons, unique knives, antiques, or Irish items will love receiving this unique gift with hand-forged Damascus steel.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed with Our Knives:

We uphold our commitment to quality craftsmanship of our Viking knives as a unique collector’s art. That’s why we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

3 – Genuine Forged Viking Knife

Couteau vikings artisanal

Features of the Best Forged Viking Knife:

  • Genuine Forged Carbon Steel:

This small Viking knife is hand-forged from centuries-old techniques and carefully tempered; this Viking blade will never let you down!

  • Sharp Viking Blade:

This blade is fully designed to be used and will not disappoint you. The blade edge is dull for reenactment use but can be sharpened. Knife size: 25.5 cm. This genuine, forged Viking knife is oiled to prevent rust in shipping; we recommend keeping all carbon steel blades dry or oiled.

  • Looking for a Gift Idea for a Medieval Enthusiast?

Here’s your answer! The rough finish of this knife, coupled with its elegantly twisted handle, makes it the perfect gift when you want to put a big smile on the faces of your loved ones and do so on a budget.

4 – Choice Viking Knife BJORN

Couteau Viking De BJORN

Beautiful, one of the best hand-forged stainless steel scramasaxes for collection or camping.

Features of the Best Viking Knife from the Son of Ragnar :

  • For Viking Knife Enthusiasts:

Are you a Viking buying the best knife as a gift for a loved one? Present this gift, and you’ll be associated with your decision! A meaningful vintage can often be used as an argument for your surprise, if your friend or family member doesn’t like what they see!

  • High-Quality Viking Knife Construction:

This blade is made from a single piece of solid steel and has received incredible heat treatment hardness. Built to last and designed to perform, each blade features a semi-dangerous sharp edge, so it tends to be used for a variety of down-to-earth applications.

  • Durable Scandinavian Blade:

Our exceptionally high-quality strategic blade with sheath is proof against fading and rust to serve you long into the future. A reliable blade ensuring stunning execution on the needs timeline, from endurance to woodcutting, everything should be possible. Our Viking blades from the son of Ragnar are surely a piece of craftmanship made by the talented blade maker.

5 – Super Viking Throwing Knife: Hawk Eye

Couteau viking oeil de faucon

For lovers of Viking knives: Unfortunately, no time machine can take you back to the Viking era, but you can still feel like in antiquity by holding this knife! Just with its hand-forged design, it will take you back in spirit!

Features of the Best Scandinavian Throwing Knife:

  • High-Quality Knife:

This knife is forged from a single piece of solid steel and has received excellent hardening by heat treatment. Built to last and designed to perform, each knife features a semi-razor-sharp edge, so it can be used for a variety of practical applications.

  • A Must-Have for Your Collection of Scandinavian Knives:

Whether you’re a fan of knives or antiques in general, you should definitely include it in your collection! Genuine hand-forged Viking knives could soon disappear! Make sure to get yours and pass it on to the family legacy before it’s too late!


If you want to see even more of our best Viking knives. Then you have no choice but to visit our Viking knife collection as soon as possible to have more options to choose your best Viking knife! Know that we have done our utmost to meet your needs.

The History Of The Viking Knife

The History of the Viking Knife

Want to Know More About the Historical Viking Knife? How Was It Forged and What Materials Were Used ? Young Vikings, you’ve come to the right place for that. We

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