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Who are the Grandchildren of Ragnar Lothbrok ?

Ragnar lothbrok enfants

In the prophecy of Ragnar’s destiny in the series Vikings, it is said that a child will change the face of Europe. We delve into the grandchildren of Ragnar.

While Ragnar has always been a powerful character in history, mythology, and beyond, what may be even more powerful are his children. And in the Vikings series, this holds true. Fans lost their beloved Ragnar Lothbrok in season 4, but his sons took up his mantle to create even more captivating stories of battle and blood.

But among all of Ragnar’s children, who stands out the most?

The Sons of Ragnar Lothbrok

The heartbreaking turning point in the marriage of Lagertha and Ragnar was the loss of their unborn child. She became pregnant, but when Ragnar returned, she had miscarried.

While Ragnar loved Lagertha, it had been foretold that his destiny and legacy included many sons. This loss led the self-centered Ragnar to have relations with Princess Aslaug when the opportunity arose.

So, who are the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok ?

Discover the five sons of Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the greatest heroes of Viking mythology. Learn about their unique stories, personalities, and roles in Viking legends in this detailed article.

Ivar the Boneless :

Ivar le désossé

Although Ivar is arguably one of Ragnar’s most powerful children, he is neither strong nor tall. Ivar has committed many manipulations and cruelties to achieve all that he has done. Ivar may be an intelligent son, but he is not one to leave behind a great legacy. Many of his people hate him, even his own wife. They follow him only out of fear and power.

Ready to abandon his own son in the forest, Ivar is a horrible man who inherited only the tenacity and mental strength of Ragnar. His physical strength and integrity were lost to Ivar, and it is Ragnar who is responsible for that. When Ivar exiled himself, fans and the people of Kattegat likely breathed a sigh of relief.

Why is Ragnar’s son a monster ?

Ivar the Boneless is another son of Ragnar who is often described as a monster due to his cruelty and thirst for blood. However, he has also been considered a tactical genius and was involved in the famous Battle of the Dnieper River, where he defeated the armies of the Byzantine Empire.

Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye :

Sigurd œil de serpent

One of Ragnar’s most compassionate children, Sigurd was more inclined to protect his family at home than to go on great raids with his father and brothers. He cared deeply for his family, especially his mother, but she favored his younger brother, Ivar, because he depended on her. This led Sigurd to be particularly distant and sometimes cruel to his younger brother, teasing him and pushing him to his limits.

Tragically, and ironically, despite his own handicaps, Ivar was the one who ended Sigurd’s life. Sigurd spent his final moments mocking Ivar, accusing him of not loving him and breaking him. Sigurd’s rivalry with Ivar was his greatest flaw and ultimately his downfall.

Hvitserk ragnarsson :

hvitserk ragnarsson

A great warrior, Hvitserk is a Viking for the ages. However, outside of battle, he is a lost man. He laughs loudly and makes life-changing decisions, but he is always searching for something greater than himself and is never sure if he has found it. For most of his life, Hvitserk was practically attached to his older brother, Ubbe. However, as he grew older and became more violent in combat, he found common ground with his younger brother, Ivar.

When Hvitserk betrayed Ubbe to join Ivar’s rebellion, he was not sure himself if it was the right decision. But in the end, he believes it is up to him to end Ivar’s cruel reign. After all, he is an extraordinary warrior, isn’t he ?

Ubbe : Son of Ragnar Lothbrok


Of all the children of Ragnar and Aslaug, Ubbe is the most balanced and perhaps the one who resembles Ragnar the most. He is willing to embrace new cultures, he is impulsive and overly thoughtful, and he is an excellent warrior. However, he trusts a bit too easily, which led his brothers to betray him (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?).

While Ubbe may not be the brightest of Ragnar’s sons, he is generally a good man and a reliable leader. While Ivar ruled a kingdom and Hvitserk led armies, Ubbe always knew when to follow orders and when to make his own decisions. He is the most measured son of Ragnar and deserves credit for that.

Who is Ragnar’s Last Son ?

Ragnar’s last known son, named Ubbe, was considered the most peaceful and diplomatic of his brothers. He worked to establish diplomatic relations with neighboring peoples and was involved in the founding of the city of Dublin.

Bjorn Ironside :

Bjorn cote de fer

If Ubbe is less impulsive, Bjorn is a younger Ragnar designed for a new era. Bjorn is curious and powerful, just like his father. Both are fantastic warriors in battle. However, Bjorn respects women more than his father, is more resilient in combat, and does not alienate people as much as Ragnar did.

Bjorn learned a lot from Ragnar, but he used it to become a better person. He is sometimes inexperienced and naive, but he takes advice to heart, and although proud, he is not too proud to follow advice. With his mother as one of his main advisors, Bjorn does not shy away from good advice, no matter where it comes from.

His sons still have time to grow, but so far, Bjorn is Ragnar’s best son. Lagertha raised him well.

Which of Ragnar’s Sons is Still Alive ?

Bjorn Ironside is one of Ragnar’s sons who remained alive, later becoming a king and a feared pirate. He was also involved in the famous Battle of Stamford Bridge against the Saxons.

Gyda vikings : Ragnar Lothbrok’s Daughter

Vikings gyda

Just like Sigurd, Ragnar’s only daughter, Gyda, was a compassionate young woman. While Bjorn tormented Athelstan, Gyda was kind and got closer to him. They became friends, and she helped Athelstan become closer to the Viking people.

The loss of sweet Gyda to the plague hurt Lagertha and Ragnar. This is when their once simple farmer family turned into a band of warriors bound by blood.

Gyda brought kindness to everyone around her, despite the incomprehensible pain she felt at the loss of her family.

With Whom Did Ragnar Lothbrok Have His Children ?

Ragnar Lothbrok had three wives: Lagertha, Aslaug, and Thora, a nobleman’s daughter from the Count Herrauðr of Götaland. It is also worth noting that some accounts mention a fourth wife.

Ragnar’s wives gave him many sons. He had two daughters with Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden, and several daughters with his other wives, but there is no precise information about their names. Only two names, Ragnhild Ragnarsdottir and Åløf Ragnarsdóttir, appear in some accounts as possible names of his daughters.

Ragnar Lothbrok’s Great-Grandchildren :

Ragnar Lothbrok’s great-grandchildren are lesser-known characters in Viking mythology, but they still played a significant role in Viking history. Some of them became famous kings, warriors, and explorers, continuing the family tradition of heroism and adventure.

However, it is important to note that Viking mythology is mainly transmitted through oral tradition, and few reliable historical sources exist to confirm the details of Ragnar Lothbrok’s life and lineage. As a result, information about Ragnar’s great-grandchildren may be largely apocryphal or based on local legends.

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